In this 1-week exercise I wanted to explore the feelings of stressed and calm; how they are related and how they can be expressed through form in motion.

Firstly, I sketched out my initial relation to these two emotions and concluded that they have a lot to do with motion defined by speed, rhythm, pattern etc. I associate being stressed with tight compressed, squeezed form and I think of calm as an expanded, airy shape. Naturally these two states are each others opposites and in order to express one of them, one needs to see it in relation to the other, to help strengthen both states.
Fast, short, small repetitive motions that might be uneven in pace, duration etc. Irrational. Compressed.
Slow, long, big movements that are even in pace, repeating a pattern. Controlled. Expanded.
Paper sketches were used to try out different movements and expressions. One form direction was developed further with iterations in e.g. size, material, color and layering of shapes.
The greatest takeaway from this exercise is how significant the smallest changes are when it comes to expression. A slightly different movement or rhythm can completely change the emotion of the shape. Instead of stressed it might be wobbly and clumsy, or hesitant. I’m intrigued by that fine line and change in expression.