2020, team project

Duration:10 weeks
This project was conducted at UID in partnership with Microsoft and presented during Microsoft Design Expo 2020.

Bliss is a tool that enables loved ones to establish intimate
connections, despite being physically far apart. A compass-like
object, lets the user tune in towards a family member or friend
by moving the hand-held object in their direction. Just like
a compass indicates the direction of north, a small arrow on
the Bliss interface indicates when you and your loved one are
standing opposite facing each other. When you move, your
loved one will also see your movements on their compass.

Imagine it as a dance, where you both take turns to lead and
to follow. You can actively seek the connection or you just let it
happen, all of a sudden you could be standing face-to-face with
your friend across the globe. This moment of focus, of being
present together in the now and holding on to that moment,
-that is a moment of Bliss.

Find out more about the process in this Medium article.

Christina Bauer
Mehmet Eren Ozyoldash
Sandra Lundberg