2020, team project
Duration: 2 weeks

A tool for curators of museums and exhibitions to create immersive soundscapes.
A directed speaker is placed on the wall above the exhibit item. With the app the curator can add sounds to different zones to create sound stories for the visitors to engage with.

Huwan Peng
Mehmet Eren Ozyoldash
Marius Kindler
Sandra Lundberg
The curator sets up different sound zones and adds specific sounds to each zone. The number of zones and the distance in between them can be adjusted in the app.
As a visitor steps into a zone, the specific sound of that zone will play, blending together with the sounds of previous zones.
We researched how sound is managed at an art museum and interviewed a curator about the soundscape at the museum.
During our process we played out different scenarios, e.g. a chat-bot that would give you added information, suggestions or even encourage you to make up your opinion about the art.

Listen to the example story