>> Hi!
I'm an interaction designer and artist interested in exploring aesthetics, concepts and material cultures of (information) technology, often through an historical lens. Using craft-based processes I aim to visualize and activate the materiality, spatiality and linguistics of technology, as well as showing the human presence in technological processes.
I investigate concepts like the fluidity of software in contrast to the permanence of hardware; the screen as filter; and the network as symbol for interconnected interactions between people and places.
Working across sculpture and installation, the expressions vary, but the weave, and more recently woodworking, has gained a central role in my research.
My design work has previously been exhibited in Milano, The Netherlands and Sweden and has been featured in international print and online publications like FRAME, ELLE Decor Italia and Mix Magazine trend forecast.​​​​​​​

> Education
2022 / 2023   Weave Design, Umeå University, SE
2019  2022   MFA Interaction Design, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, SE
2011  2016   BA Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, NL
> Group Exhibitions
> Talks
2022   Mjukvara/HårdvaraKulturmejeriet (Röbäck, SE)
2021   Luftburet, Kulturmejeriet (Röbäck, SE)
2019   Pleyade Innovation Showroom (Elst, NL)
2018   Finalist Expo, Pleyade Design Contest (Duiven, NL)
2018   Finalist Expo, Pleyade Design Contest (Arnhem, NL)
2017   Selected Participants @Kazerne, Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NL)
2017   Eindhoven Maker Faire (Eindhoven, NL)
2017   DOUTDesign, Milano Design Week (Milano, IT)
2016   Best of DDW, Bright Day (Utrecht, NL)
2016   DAE Graduation Show, Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, NL)​​​​​​​
2022.06.23   Umeå Institute of Design (Umeå, SE)

> Honors & Awards
2022   Selected Graduate by TextielLab
2018   1st prize Pleyade Design Contest
2016   Best of DDW'16 by Bright Day
2016   Finalist Pleyade Design Contest
2012   Hanna Lindblad Scholarship​​​​​​​
> Selected Press​​​​​​​
2023   TextielMuseum/TextielLab - TextielLab Project Overview 2022. p. 77
2020   Sancal - And the #CatchaBeetle contest winner is… (Shortlisted)
2018   MIX Magazine, issue #53 (print) - Soft Tech
2018   Duiven Post (web) - Sandra Lundberg winnaar Pleyade Design Contest
2017   FRAME, issue #114 (print + web) - Lamps by DAE students intensify our bond with products that respond to touch
2017   ELLE Decor Italia (web) - L'ecodesign di Doutdesign al FuoriSalone 2017
2017   Italianbark (web) - 10 Design finds from the Dutch Design Week 2017
2016   RTL Nieuws (web) - #BrightDay: Best of DDW en Maxime Hartman
2016   Omroep Brabant (web) - Zeven keer een nieuwe Eindhovense ontwerper: wat deden ze voor hun diploma?
2013   Cadamuro, A (ed). 2013. (print) What Remains? (Strategic Creativity Series). Design Academy Eindhoven: Eindhoven. pp. 65-66