Three woven bands of different widths arranged as a Local Area Network.
INTERWOVEN: A Conceptual Exploration of Interaction Design Through Weaving
2022, MFA thesis

The field of interaction design is in constant movement due to the fact that what we design is interactions over time. These interactions often involve digital and networked technologies that are based on interchangeable software. These changes often happen at a speed that is imperceivable to us. What if instead of going with this flow, we slow down, or even rewind?
This thesis aims to revisit some of the meanings of core concepts in interactive technologies, such as software, network and screen, expanded with terms like application, personal- and local area network, bandwidth and wireframe, in order to draw a link between these concepts and their historical entanglements with textiles and weaving. The concepts point the attention towards some very specific textile practices like, a net (knotted or woven structure); a screen (partition, filter, screen-printing); softwares (textile merchandise); and application (decoration sewn onto textile).
Moving between the literal and figurative senses of the words, the chosen concepts are materialized and activated through embodied interaction, in order to challenge their meanings and the things we take for granted in the field of interaction design.
The four variables material, structure, form and scale, are used as a framework to create and evaluate interaction aesthetics. The research largely builds on hands-on explorations and weaving as a way of knowing and doing interaction design.
The tensions of innovation and tradition are used as drivers for explorations within a post-digital framework. By materializing central concepts into experiential artifacts, it allows us to see, feel and talk about other things. These are conversations that can hopefully contribute to a greater understanding of some of the foundational concepts in the field and open up to more meanings of doing and practicing interaction design.
A weaving shuttle used for weaving nets, carved from birch wood. The design is based on traditional shuttle types, historically used for this purpose.
A series of applications, embodying different weaving- tools and/or actions.
Screen / Wireframe. Stills from a weaving interaction.
Extract from written thesis.